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Differences in Japanese with Indonesian In Keeping Environmental Hygiene

Almost everyone likes cleanliness even crave a healthy environment in which they live sedentary, stay a while, or just to comevisit two or tigahari. Environment is dirty and not well maintained never been a place that people want to visit for a second time, if not in urgent situations.Culture is the crystallization of values ​​and lifestyles adopted by a community. Culture of each community grows and develops uniquely, because of differences in the community lifestyle. Comparison of Japanese and Indonesian culture means finding the values ​​of the similarities and differences between the Indonesian people and the nation of Japan. By identifying the similarities and differences between the two cultures that, we will be more able to understand the diversity of the existing lifestyle, which will be useful when communicating and interacting with those who come from cultures or primary berbeda.Kesulitan habits in making cultural comparisons between Indonesia and Japan due to the difference characteristics of the two nations. Japanese people are relatively homogeneous, and only has about 15 languages ​​(not meaning 15 tribes, including sign language due to hearing impaired), and has had a much longer history, so that the cultural values ​​it more crystallized. The Indonesian nation characterized by heterogeneous, multi-ethnic, has more than 700 languages, so it is not easy to find flakes of Indonesian culture nationally representative. Need to be separated values ​​which are accepted nationally in Indonesia, and which is a unique character in one of the tribe. Discussion in this case the comparison of Indonesian and Japanese culture from the aspects of how to maintain a healthy environment. In all corners of the country Japan terkenak with developed country with a very dense population and the environment with a full house and a few trees, the rivers are polluted by sewage plant, the air full of smoke due to air pollution, noise due to engine noise. Namu beyond all thought it was very wrong, because Japan is a country full of discipline and very appreciative of the environment, clear river streams, the air is clean, neat environment without garbage. Definition of clean environment is an environment free of wastescattered on roads, sewers, public open space. environment haspublic toilets clean, proportional to the number of residents and visitors.Meanwhile, residents are expected to change the paradigms masarakatnya wastediscarded [passed-oper] a waste dealt with, so that thea limited number janitor, but the city remains responsibleappear clean. That way, residents and city visitors feel comfortable,Starting with the growth of various diseases - a new disease in the world, especially regarding the environment. Thus theThe way - the way Japanese people appreciate the cleanliness of a depressing environment very different from Indonesia, People - Japanese people in keeping their environment clean a lot of effort made to keep their environment is not polluted and contaminated with garbage, waste or by gas - gas plant. There was an effort that is suitable imitated Indonesian people, in particular by:1. In Japan, no littering, because of extraordinary discipline, making the observance of the rules so great, no littering. As a small example, when a smoker walking around the park they bring their dikantong ashtrays to dispose of cigarettes and cigarette butts dust them, specially designed, which will see the trash when they will be able to dispose of the trash. It is a small example of extraordinary, appreciate the little details in respect for the environment.2. Company and Industry with the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) strict in Japan there is a fairly large company, employees 700 people, of almost 4 acres. River flows next to it a small company, where the company processing the rest of the water discharged into it after going through the sewage treatment process. Small river was so clear, the fish swim by a man's thigh and looked so clearly because clarity. I entered the company, in which the sound is very noisy, so that those who enter are required to wear earplugs, but once out, the noise is gone, the housing company didekan even then not at all disturbed. Made very high chimney with a flue gas is very small.3. Maintained forest, forest - forests undisturbed so, so dense, while the forest immediately adjacent to a densely packed area of ​​the human population. Rules concerning building permits, rules of the environment and forests so tightly held and highly followed people - the Japanese.4. Motor vehicle exhaust gas rules implemented strictly,, the cars and vehicles that do not pass the emissions test are not allowed to walk, even almost no solar cars are allowed to walk because no emissions test pass, compared with Indonesia, how Metro Mini, The trucks that he had escaped KIR in the transportation department issued a breathless asab thick, making the road so dark black by pollution.5. Distribution of types of waste and garbage disposal scheduling also sharing details about the waste, general waste is divided into 2 garbage that can be burned and not burned, but no other special division, such as electronic waste, hazardous waste materials (lighter fluid, rock battery, razor) plastic bottles, glass, aluminum bottles etc.. and its implementation as observed by the public. not to mention scheduling in a garbage disposal, ie Tuesday and Friday for trash elektroik.In the land of Japan is always in kampanyeka slogan Utsukushi kuni (State Jepangyang gorgeous), miskipun every corner of the place already looks clean slogan is still used. Cleanliness is a major characteristic of Japan, which was very difficult to find in other countries, his example indonesi are made in the comparison, Indonesia is the country extremely difficult to implement slogan created by the Japanese. Discipline dispose of waste in place very cultivate the life of the Japanese people are very difficult to remove. Environmental conservation efforts in Japan it's so nice not like in Indonesia is still simple slogans so that the behavior of the people still do not care about the environment so that it requires an overhaul of the mental and cultural environment of course each - each tribe / ethnicity ought long ago to have local knowledge respect the religious nature of the natural world but because of the inclusion of religion ultimately value - the value of local wisdom eroded and replaced by religious values ​​that seem to lack respect for the universe or the environment. Education to recognize and preserve the environment would be nice implanted during the elementary-school is not just limited to science but to the mindset tentunya.Masih perlaku and many others, but the 5 things while sufficient for comparison between Indonesia and Japan in terms of how the environment hidup.Bayangkan Indonesia , river slovenly, smelly and full of garbage, full of air pollution, garbage everywhere, environmental problems must be faced and dealt with by the Indonesian government. Obviously, with the active role of the community to maintain and preserve the environment. We see ourselves customs, our families, our neighbors, the people we get to our nation and we can not say the nation who are aware of the importance of environmental hygiene and environmental health.Waste treatment until sanagat attention in Japan and gives a very precise example of exemplary lessons that Indonesia indonesi cleaner future danmencerminkan nation appreciate the cleanliness of it. Until the waste treatment method was already described in detail. They treat waste and mill housing, channel it through pipes in the ground that long, then precipitate mud and sand filtered water drain pipe to another to be processed and refined into clean water ready to use. Is completely different in global residential and industrial sewage treatment which can be seen in the industrial area Jababeka, Cikarang. Indeed they seem complicated, but it looks in Japan using more advanced technology. How do I emulate? With increasing technological resources of Indonesia. Moreover, in Japan there is a way to test the river water levels daily whether potable or not. So far they pay attention to the cleanliness of the environment. Until there is any feasibility river water drinking. Unlike in global river is dirty, illegal buildings that stood in sepanjangnya, people bathing, waste water, washing clothes and even washing the rice they eat. Most people do not understand about the impact Indonesi incinerator. Mmembakar garbage will only make things worse and may even be polluting the air we breathe will even cause respiratory disorders. What should we do to the environment orour city could become clean? Here's a simple question that should weanswered together because, the desire to create a cleaner environment,and all maintain cleanliness not possibletheir own. System or network should be made effective for it.Perhaps this is the task of the leaders, and the people who sit in government,to design a system to implement hygiene, and nurturing environment. Tampa proper system with adequate facilities and infrastructure, the environment is impossiblecleanliness will be maintained. This has been a problem for Indonesia because the government has not also make rules on waste dumps.

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